A Non-Profit Organization Empowering Young People

“ IMPACT (501c3 Arm of Detangled)

In addition to consulting services, there is a non-profit arm of Detangled entitled IMPACT.  With funding from philanthropists and Foundations across the globe, IMPACT has developed dynamic programming and training for young people, non-profits, and social justice organizations across North America and West Africa..  

It is our belief that learning and growing happen in tandem and if we are going to grow our collective global influence we must also teach and develop new leaders so that the ecosystem grows and is sustainable. These projects focus primarily on: 

  • Demystifying multilayered community engagement.
  • Best practices for creating leader networks and communication within those networks.
  • Best practices for media training and public speaking.
  • Best practices for messaging around specific issue organizing.

Our  integrated training and programs are offered to organizations and young people with a variety of tech skills and abilities, but all with a desire to learn even more.  We bring social justice advocates, tech leaders, and art visionaries together to present an array of information to participants which culminates in us working with them to incorporate both strategic community engagement projects and narrative reconstructive programs, around the issues that are important to them. 

We train and teach participants skills that will allow them to continue to produce their own content with the intent that participants walk away with a set of skills on how to organize and uplift their issues to an audience with the intent of moving their audience to mobilize. This allows us to support bottom-up leadership by allowing overall best practices that evolve through participation 

Our ultimate aim is to integrate this ideology not only as a tool of organizing for social justice movements and initiatives, but as a strategy for large and small corporations and businesses so that they can support the efforts of activists and justice influencers in their communities.”